This long-established hotel restaurant has been in business since the early Showa era.
You can enjoy our seasonal dishes and our specialty, sesame tofu.


Our sesame tofu is made using Nara’s specialty gold sesame seeds. We carefully grind the seeds until oil is derived, mix it with our soup stock, and then finally harden the mixture with Yoshino kudzu starch.
The carefully crafted sesame tofu has a rich sesame aroma and a soft texture. Many of our dine-in customers like to purchase takeaway tofu after tasting it at our restaurant. Originally made at the request of the Hasedera Temple, now the tofu has become a signature dish which we are proud of.


We use a variety of seasonal ingredients in our dishes according to the time of the season. Please enjoy the four seasons of the ancient capital Nara at Tanakaya.


Sesame Tofu

Our recommendation, with a light aroma of sesame seeds and a smooth texture that melts in your mouth.


Chilled Somen Set Meal

Please enjoy the Nara’s Miwa Somen noodles.


Soba noodles with edible wild plants

Soba Noodle Soup made with local seasonal vegetables.

When you stay, we will prepare your meals and you can have it in your room.

A group menu is also available. Please check below for details.

A reservation is required for Vegetarian food and tea porridge
0744-47-7015 (main number)